Institutional Data Committee (IDC)

(Proposed) Terms of Reference

  • Promote the institutional data governance program goals to support the management and responsible use of high-quality institutional data at a cascading level.
  • Collaborate with University stakeholders to provide oversight for institutional data governance and initiatives, and monitor ongoing quality evaluation processes.
  • Review and provide guidance around recommended data governance policies, standards, processes, frameworks, and guidelines.
  • Develop and approve data domains and appoint data roles, specifically Data Domain and Data Owners.
  • Establish or make recommendations to revise institutional data infrastructure to ensure data are collected, managed, shared, and reported in a manner consistent with institutional policy and the strategic needs of the University.
  • Determine and ensure that institutional data sharing policies and procedures are effective, transparent, and enabling, with particular attention on sensitive data such as those related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • Establish and provide oversight for data-related working groups.
  • Perform as the Data Trustees of the University on broad matters of data governance.
  • Act as a mediation panel for complex issues related to institutional data governance, including data related to EDID contexts.
  • Provide regular updates to the Institutional Data Executive Steering Committee (IDESC).
  • Develop and recommend ethics framework to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of individuals and groups are protected and necessary consent is gathered, ensuring adherence to regulatory, legislative, and related contexts.
  • Ensure institutional data governance, management, and uses are conducted within an ethical frame.